This section contains templates for you DIYers.  Click the bullet text for the file.  Enjoy!


This is my side template, modified from ChanceKJ's work to sit lower and accomodate a 16:10 screen.  With this template your control panel will sit about 37" off the ground.  Chance's original template is below in case you want something that fits a 16:9 screen and a control panel that sits about 42" off the ground.

Original design by Jarrett and available below.  Here I've just blacked it out and rearranged the buttons.


Again, fits a 16:9 screen and the control panel measures around 42" off the ground.


Jarrett's awesome ergonomic shape!  He originally planned it for Tron style controls.   This design contains space for a separate 4 way joystick and flightstick, along with some admin buttons and different button spacing and location than I use.