There's loads of cool NES homebrews and prototypes out there. We've just added the following:

Happily Ever After: Unreleased prototype
Bio Force Ape:  Unreleased prototype - this one had a lot of potential! Very cool game.
Battle Kid: Awesome homebrew platformer
Battle Kid 2:  The sequel to Battle Kid
Jet Paco: Homebrew from the Mojon Bros
Yun: Homebrew from the Mojon Bros
Sir Ababol: Homebrew from the Mojon Bros
ShadowHawk:  Unreleased SNES game (project couldn't find publisher in 1992)

Primal Rage II

Primal Rage II is a rare, unreleased game from the mid-90s.  It's a sequel to the ultra violent Primal Rage, which started as an arcade game and had many ports to home consoles due to its popularity.  

The Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago has a working prototype of the game.  The board was dumped ages ago but has remained unplayable until recently.  

Big thanks to Gruntzilla for getting this game (mostly) working.  We're glad to add this title to our collection!

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