From nostalgic journeys in retrogaming to the raw power needed for modern PC titles,  Paradox Arcade Systems delivers the ultimate arcade gaming experience for all generations.  Our award-winning designs have been featured on LifeHacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku and more.  

Play all of your games on our 2 player and 4 player Systems.  With top-tier artists and our unique options we'll make your ultimate MAME cabinet.  We build it better.

PDX is your source for backlit control panels.  We've pioneered this feature so you'll only find it here.  Use our existing designs or forge new territory with your own ideas! 



  • Advanced Control Solutions
  • Awesome Designs
  • Premium Joysticks & Buttons


  • Exclusive Features
  • Fast PCs and Solid State Drives
  • Persistent Development Updates

We Deliver

  • All Plywood Construction
  • High-Quality Material Selection
  • Friendly Service


Check out the Arcade Systems we offer.  We'll work with you on your dream design or your can purchase a classic from the Gallery.

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Authentic Graphics

Improved retrogames on LCD screens through custom shaders

Improved retrogames on LCD screens through custom shaders

Old games look best on old TV screens - but with our use of bigger better LCD panels you need shaders to restore the look of the original game.  That's why we set up custom shader values to apply warmth and depth back into the display. 

Flexible Features

The only limit is your imagination

The only limit is your imagination

We push the envelope here at PDX and strive to design the best home arcades available.  With our innovative approach we'll work with you to achieve the ultimate machine for your gameroom.


Here at PDX we love gaming through all generations.  Our focus is on innovation and we think you'll see the difference.  Get your ultimate custom home arcade today.