Don't Settle for Particle Board

    Cabinet construction is a primary focus at PDX.  We use 3/4" birch and maple plywood for the ultimate in durability, beauty, and overall longevity.  Other builds are known to use MDF (medium density fibreboard) which is brittle and prone to water damage & swelling - all while being about twice as heavy as plywood.  Moving a 400lb cabinet is not fun!

Our cabinets also feature original LED interior lighting that automatically activates when you open the rear panel or hidden access door above the coin mech.   The interior is finished in a black gloss to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.  Front and rear sections are covered with thick and durable 7mil matte black vinyl.  LEDs are utilized in the coin mech and marquee for maintenance free backlighting.  


    Using an LCD screen means our cabinets are slim and easy to move.  At about half the depth of a traditional arcade cabinet you'll save plenty of space in your gameroom and be able to fit the machine nearly anywhere.  For 4-player setups we like the "Battleship" control board that saves space and can comfortably accommodate 4 players of any size.