Custom vinyl graphics

The Arcade Artform

   Here at PDX we'll work with you to make a custom design that fits your gameroom and exhibits your tastes.  Showcase your favorite themes and capture the essence of your gaming experience with a custom marquee, control panel, and sideart graphic.   Our in-house design options are provided with our Systems at no additional charge.  Examples and material details below.


   Starting Q4 2016 we've partnered with some really incredible artists to bring some new and impressive designs to the table.  For a nominal charge these incredible artists can deliver some impressive original work for your arcade system. 

Original Professional Character Art

   We're also working with is Evil Eye Candy, also based in Houston TX.  They're extremely talented at logo design and original character artwork.  If you're looking for new takes on your favorite game/movie/comic characters or mash-ups then these guys can deliver.   

Website: EvilEyeCandy

Exclusive designs for PDX:  The Game Vault

All vinyl art printed by Bowman Signs LLC

NASA Graphic Designer Partnership  

   For expanding our space-themed designs we've teamed up with NASA graphic designer Blake Dumesnil.   He designs the official NASA mission patches, exhibit assets, marketing material and more at NASA Houston and has worked up some great pieces for us so far.  

Website: B.D. Designs

Exclusive designs for PDX:  Space Mountain,  Guardians, Trek


Gloss laminated vinyl

Sideart on our cabinets comes printed on thick vinyl and is laminated with a durable, gorgeous high gloss coating that protects the color and will last for years.


Translucent "reverse printed" vinyl on plexiglass

The "reverse printed" technique uses vinyl that's colorized directly on the adhesive, then adhered to plexiglass.  This creates a commercialized look that offers depth and authenticity.  Uses LED backlight for 10,000+ hour lifespan.


Polycarbonite laminted matte vinyl

The control panel receives a layer of polycarbonite - a strong laminated thermoplastic.  Polycarbonites are commonly used in bulletproof materials and in jet plane canopies.  As such they're terrifically strong and will protect your graphics from dirt, dust, grime and spills for a very long time.


Original backlit controls

This is a PDX original as seen in the NASA and Ready Player One builds.  We use translucent or cut vinyl under 1/4" clear plexiglass to achieve very unique looking control boards.  Please inquire about this if you want it in your build.