RGB LED Buttons

The Ultimate Option For Custom Arcades

    Driven by LEDblinky these gorgeous buttons light up only when needed.  That's right - when you choose your game these buttons change color (or turn off) to match the game you're playing.  It's great for showing you which buttons that game uses and it adds a layer of authenticity to your retro games.  Best of all we do all the button programming for you, meaning that this lighting change happens immediately and automatically with no additional setup required.  

Superior look and feel...

    Some generic LED arcade buttons are distracting and feature sub-par mechanical action with overly stiff feel.  Our buttons couldn't be more different - they only light the bezel and have very smooth action.  The press feels light and confident and the light effect is crisp yet subdued. 


Click for larger images.  Jump below the pics for some videos of game selection and the awesome audio reactive settings in pinball mode!