Hardware Selection

Built to last and offering the best in competitive gaming.

Premium Sound

Powerful 2.1 stereo sound with subwoofer.  We use 72w systems that include a breakout module for independent bass control, headphone output and aux input.  These get LOUD!

Neutrik USB Inputs

Two Neutrik USB ports located on the front of every cabinet make it easy to connect your retro USB gamepads, lightguns, racing wheel or keyboard for advanced users. 


Fully calibrated lightguns with awesome recoil feel when you pull the trigger.  Supplied by Ultimarc.  These guns are carefully calibrated and painstakingly coded to work across multiple emulators and platforms.


Buttons supplied by the most trusted names in arcade gaming for the last 30 years.  IL, Seimitsu, and Sanwa parts are all commercial grade and built to last. We also offer the "Servostik" for awesome, automatic 4 way/8way switching on the fly.


1TB solid state drive (SSD) included with every build for the ultimate in speed and stability.  You also get a powerful NVIDIA GTX750ti with every build for enhanced performance.  View full PC Specs.

Pro Series 16:10 Monitor

IPS, high contrast, low latency and factory calibrated.  These 30" LCD monitors are trusted in professional graphic design settings for their fidelity.  In addition the taller aspect ratio provides additional gameplay space.