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About Us

    Since 2011 PDX has been working to deliver custom arcades with a focus in technology, customer support, and quality.  We build systems with powerful PCs, unique designs, and exclusive features for a finely tuned experience that is unparalleled in home arcades.  When we deliver your custom arcade rest assured that every effort has been made to streamline your setup, configure your peripherals, and use parts and construction methods that are a cut above the competition. 

Why Choose PDX?

    There are many arcade builders in today's market so we look to innovative options and superior hardware to set ourselves apart.  PDX is your home for RGB LED buttons that are preconfigured to match game selection, lightguns with full calibration and recoil, LCD marquee options, backlit control panels, and finely tuned software setups.  Nowhere else can you find this attention to detail.  Click here for more info on how we compare to other builds.

Get a Paradox Arcade System...

    Take a look at our Systems for pricing and info or drop us a line for a quote.  For an itemized part list and full specs check out the SPECS page.

1st Place Winner of the 2015 and 2016 Houston Arcade Expo Award for BEST "Custom Arcade"

Awarded for the "NASA Amusement Station"

...a lovingly crafted piece of gaming art.
— Gizmodo Austrailia, on the PDX TMNT Arcade the charts!
— - Lifehacker, on the Ready Player One Arcade

- Lifehacker Article -