Competitor Comparison

How we stack up against other builds

Your PDX cabinet will be a cut above the competition.  We start with high quality materials with a focus on cabinet durability, aesthetics and high performance game controls.  This combination can only be found on a PDX machine.


  • MDF or particle wood construction

  • Seamed side panels with visible fasteners

  • Kit built

  • Overly wide button layout

  • Stiff LED buttons

  • Low life-rated marquee coin mech lighting

  • Standard TV display with high lag and image stretch

  • Low power graphics

  • Standard hard drive for slow boot times

  • 35w or less speakers

Seamless sides, internal fasteners, rear venting, integrated controls vs. mdf/melamine wood with side venting, visible seams and fasteners, bolt-on controls

Competition button spacing vs. overly wide button spacing

All plywood construction with internal enamel finish vs. raw brittle MDF construction

All plywood with internal enamel finish vs. unfinished brittle MDF