Plug and play lightguns with powerful recoil from Ultimarc.  The included recoil provides a "kick" to the gun when fired. We pre-calibrate your guns and hide the sensor behind the bezel glass, providing a seamless lightgun setup without intrusive hardware showing.  We include a special "Gun Games" wheel in Hyperspin with 85 titles, setup to work across various emulators without the headache of configuring the tricky software yourself. 

Room setup

    The guns work best when your cabinet is against a wall with your room lights dimmed.  Avoid placing your cabinet in front of a window since sunlight will interfere with the lightgun tracking.   Demo videos below...


Guns available with blue, red or black shell.


Gameplay DemoS

*The loud click in the video is the recoil solenoid, which is amplified here due to being very close to the mic.