Figure 1 - open Task Manager

Figure 2 - Hyperspin 'Flash Crash'

Figure 2 - Hyperspin 'Flash Crash'

Windows and Restarting Hyperspin

Hyperspin runs as a custom user interface on top of Windows 7.  You can access Windows 7 using CONTROL+SHIFT+ESC via USB Keyboard or by pressing the button combination (fig. 1) to launch TASK MANAGER.  In Task Manager click File>Run New Task and type EXPLORER in the pop-up window to launch the traditional Windows desktop.

Hyperspin Crash Restart

If you leave Hyperspin running for more than 15 hours straight you may experience a 'Flash Crash' (fig. 2, white screen with exclamation).  This bug is due to the memory being overloaded with the Hyperspin animation graphics.   

Re-launching Hyperspin is simple.  

  1. Run Task Manager (see above)
  2. Find "Hyperspin.exe" on the list of running processes and click on it
  3. Select "End Task" at the bottom to stop Hyperspin
  4. Click File>Run New Task and type EXPLORER
  5. Re-launch Hyperspin using the red "HS" button