We include a HyperSpin frontend configuration in your PDX Arcade System.  The frontend handles all your game navigation and launching, and is preconfigured for about 16,800 games*.  Also included is an exclusive Future Pinball setup, complete with 150 original pinball tables.  The entire software setup fits nicely on a single 1tb solid state drive with very fast bootup and reliable longevity.

     We also include the newest versions of EDS (LCD Marquee) and LEDBlinky (RGB LED buttons) when applicable. 

   Starting in Q3 2017 we'll be offering Launchbox on our systems as an alternative.  We're currently refining the game setup and configuration between Launchbox, LEDBlinky and LCD Marquee integration.  Stay tuned for more info...

*No roms included. We can include titles freely available from upon request

Extras and configuration

    The front end delivers a fully animated game selection menu, complete with preview videos, genres, favorite lists, manual selections.  We refined the XML data within HyperSpin to eliminate non-working titles, duplicates and prototypes, only delivering the best versions available and making every title a working selection.  

    All programs are fully tested in each build to ensure optimal sound, driver, and resolution settings. Extras like RGB LED buttons (LEDBlinky) and LCD Marquee (EDS) software comes already programmed,  and we preconfigure your lightguns for compatibility across many programs.  

    CRT monitors are the ultimate best way to retro game, no doubt.   But with CRT shaders improving all the time you can save yourself the maintenance and weight (about 90lbs!) by using a commercial-grade LCD with our custom shaders that really make the retro games look AWESOME.  We take care to write custom settings into HLSL and SweetFX to shade all appropriate programs for an authentic CRT look.


All your manuals are belong to us

Gaming history preservation is becoming vitally important.  Many works are being lost to time due to rarity and hardware failures, and this erases those experiences from gaming forever.  Thanks to the incredible preservation efforts of the community you can deepen your experience with games and relive the wonder of exploring original art and backstories that are exclusive to their manuals.  Plus (as their original use) they offer fantastic reference for controls and gameplay.  Here at PDX we're glad to include these assets to enrich your experience. On a PDX arcade you simply hold the "COIN" button for 5 seconds to access the manuals, cart art, disc art and even disc switching for those titles that spanned multiple discs. 

Light Gun Gaming

Yep, even on an LCD

We include a special "Gun Games" section with 90 titles, setup to work using the Ultimarc configuration without the headache of configuring the tricky software yourself. 

More info on the light guns HERE.


Full Tilt!

Enjoy nearly 150 Future Pinball original and recreated pinball games using the built-in flipper and plunger buttons.

Fast boot SSD

With out fast solid state drives your machine is playable in just about 15 seconds after turning it on!