Basic navigation in Hyperspin uses Up/Down on the Player 1 joystick.  Use button '4' to choose and button '5' to go back. Once you've found the game you want just hit '4' again and it will load.

Extra Features:

  • Add favorites

Within each system (Arcade Classics, Neo Geo, Capcom) you can create a new "Favorites" list for that system.  Just hit button '7' at any time to view the list, or add the highlighted game to the list.

  • Genre (Arcade Classics only)

Press '1' in the Arcade Classic menu to gain access to Genre sorting.  This is very handy for finding Trackball, Spinner, Beat em Up, Fighters, and more.  When you've found the Genre you want, hit '4' to choose it.  Press '5' to back up to the main menu or '7' again to find 'All Games' for the full Arcade Classics list

  • Skip by Letter or by 20x

Some of the game lists are really long.  You can jump to a specific letter by holding 'Left' or 'Right' on the Player 1 stick, then hit '4' when you've found your desired letter.  You can also do a jump scroll UP '3' or DOWN with '6'.